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Appraisal Services

Certified Appraisers

Highly trained and experienced professionals who are experts in both estimating market values, and reporting their value conclusions using the appropriate forms or narrative formats. We carefully monitor, evaluate and adjust our processes, our staffing, and, most importantly the appraisers we choose, with the goal of both maximizing the quality of our product, and the efficiency of its delivery.
We work as hard as you do to get your loans closed! We understand our role is to deliver accurate high quality appraisals that enable you to focus on closing and funding more profitable loans. With a team of dedicated professionals assigned to your account, you will learn to think of us as your appraisal management department down the hall.

Ease of Order Placement

In addition to our simple online ordering, LCI is fully compatible with Point.

Automated Order Assignment

Our software reviews the location of your property and assigns the order to the highest quality appraiser in that area.Your appraisal order will be assigned within one hour.

Pre-payment Processing

We recommend up front payment from your customer on all appraisal. Getting your customer to commit payment to the process is a great way of securing a commitment. LCI accepts, handles and processes major credit cards, debit cards, and money orders with no extra fees passed on to the client.

Order Tracking

Our technology allows you to login and check the status of your orders 24/7.We can also tailor a proactive e-mail notification program to let you know when milestones are reached.We take the guesswork out of the process and keep you informed every step of the way.

Appraisal Advocate

LCI has created a special role within our organization to handle direct questions and concerns from your Underwriting, Appraisal Review, REO, Compliance and Secondary Marketing departments. LCI will provide you with a dedicated phone line and email address to one of our Senior Staff Appraisers.....Your Appraisal Advocate. Get your questions answered quickly without the headaches of going back to the originations platform.

Quality Control

LCI is committed to providing the highest quality residential valuation services possible. Every appraisal we deliver passes through a checkpoint system which confirms completeness and other basic quality control issues.

Some appraisal management companies use automated review systems that attempt to analyze the data selection and value conclusions of the appraiser. Experience has shown us such systems are often unreliable, and counterproductive. These automated quality evaluations tend to reduce efficiency by flagging those issues that an experienced and competent real estate appraiser would have already identified and addressed.

LCI manages quality proactively, by insisting on the best work from both staff and appraisers. Instead of using automation, or employing underpaid, unqualified staff to review every appraiser's analysis (thereby reducing efficiency by unnecessarily second guessing the methodology and opinion of the professional expert), LCI takes the commonsense approach of holding the appraiser to the high standards of competence and professionalism already required of them as licensed professionals.

In addition to working diligently to deliver high quality appraisal reports as quickly as possible, LCI has dedicated an experienced portion of its staff to handling the inevitable lender stipulations, conditions, and questions that follow the initial delivery of the appraisal report.

LCI has senior professional appraisers on staff who are always available to help clarify appraisal issues, and offer appropriate solutions to the more difficult and complicated valuation problems.

Our technology keeps you informed every step of the way with complete order tracking and online status updates. Our friendly a staff is dedicated to service your account every day, seven days a week.

Service Area

Lender's Choice is HVAA Approved

We service all counties and areas of California

Hands on help

Every order is overseen by our trained staff

We help with start up

We offer support and answer any questions

We work as hard to service your business

Fully compatible with Point